Digital Leadership Summit: Telco-centric smart business networks for beyond connectivity

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Transformation and emerging technologies, especially AI and 5G, shift the role of communication service providers (CSPs) beyond connectivity. Due to their connections with different vertical players, they will have the power to create new value propositions for themselves and their partners. 

In this summit we will discuss how CSP-centered ecosystems create value that will strengthen the digital economy and sustainable business for all parties. Similarly, with the support of AI, ML, 5G, and similar technologies, vertical players can use CSP leverage as a driving force to increase profitability and position brand value they will create within the ecosystem.  


16:30 - 16:35 pm CET
Welcome and Introductions

Joann O’Brien,VP, Ecosystems & Labs,TM Forum

16:35 - 16:50 CET
Capturing the beyond connectivity opportunity through a capability-driven  transformation approach

  • Understanding the importance of shared economy and business ecosystems 
  • How the post-Covid era is accelerating digital transformation and the potential for new 5G monetization opportunities 
  • How can CSPs embrace and succeed in their new role as service orchestrators? 
  • Leveraging your flexible, modular architecture for reuse and acceleration of new business models and vertical opportunities  
  • How do you partner with different verticals to create innovative services and products that go beyond connectivity? 
  • What new value propositions can CSPs create for themselves and their partners?

Joann O’Brien,VP, Ecosystems & Labs,TM Forum

16:50 -17:20 CET
Fireside chat:  Delivering transformative, added-value services to move beyond connectivity

  • How should operators transform their BSS infrastructure to fully monetize the 5G opportunity? 
  • How can CSP’s reclaim pole position in their industry? 
  • What kind of services and new business models can we expect to see from CSP’s in a 5G world? 
  • What is the role of partnerships in a ‘beyond connectivity’ landscape and how can operators properly manage a wide range of ecosystem players? 
  • Industry examples and cases 

Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer, Etiya

17:20 - 17:40 CET
Customer case study: Helix – leveraging the cloud and an open architecture to revolutionize TV services

  • Overview of the Helix project – from legacy to multi-device TV and internet platform 
  • Challenges of transforming from a complex legacy, multi-system operating environment to an agile, open, cloud-based architecture 
  • Partnering with AWS and Etiya to implement a digital platform and new BSS stack in a hybrid cloud environment 
  • Benefits gained and lessons learned 

Sofiene Kamoun, Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives, Videotron
Uğur Gemici, VP of Product Development, Etiya

17:40 – 18:10 CET
Interactive voting session: The role of cloud-native digital BSS to provide new business models

  • What is driving BSS to cloud? 
  • How to successfully transform of BSS to the cloud & devops 
  • How digital BSS help CSPs in setting up new business lines and effectively work with other verticals 

VisuSontam, Senior Partner Solution Architect,AWS 
Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer,Etiya 

18:10 - 18:50 CET
Panel discussion: Building a profitable, collaborative partner ecosystem to create new value and growth beyond connectivity

  • Looking beyond traditional service offerings – How to identify the right partners and technologies to explore vertical opportunities 
  • How do we collectively cooperate to shift the perception that CSPs as solely connectivity providers? 
  • How to balance and merge concepts of Agile and Proof of Concept with traditional procurement models? 
  • What are your recommendations for de-risking your diversification and partnership strategy? 

Moderator: Joann O’Brien,VP, Ecosystems & Labs,TM Forum
VisuSontam - Snr. Partner Solution Architect, AWS
Sofiene Kamoun, Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives, Videotron
Apostolos Kallis, Chief Commercial Officer, Etiya
Uğur Gemici, VP of Product Development, Etiya

18:50 - 19:00 CET
Closing Remarks

Joann O’Brien,VP, Ecosystems & Labs,TM Forum