The telecoms sector is at a crucial juncture, grappling with the need for innovation amid evolving technologies and consumer expectations. Embracing scalable, sustainable, and profitable networks has become imperative, with AI adoption and cloud-native transitions being key drivers of industry competitiveness.

This era, especially marked by the advent of 5G, demands not just technological advancement but a strategic overhaul of business models to foster growth and meet market demands.

DTW Asia Tour in India will allow delegates to gain deeper insights into leveraging cloud technologies for more agile and efficient network operations, harnessing the power of AI to enhance customer experiences and operational capabilities, and exploring innovative strategies for monetization in the era of 5G and beyond.

Communication service providers located near Mumbai, India are invited to join us for this one-day event.

Event information:

19 March 2024 
8:30 am - 5:30 pm IST
Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai International Airport



    Session Moderator: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

    Welcome and Introduction - Driving growth and value creation in the digital economy 

    George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

    Accelerating growth and value creation in the digital economy

    • What are the most promising opportunities for growth and how is your company positioning itself to capitalize on them?
    • How do you envision the role of digital transformation in shaping the future of the industry?
    • What strategic initiatives are you prioritizing in today's digital landscape?
    • How can CSPs address the challenges in driving organizational change toward digitalization?
    • How are customer expectations shaping your digital strategy?

    Vishy Ramaswamy, Vice President, 5G & Digital Solutions, Tata Communications 
    Padma Ravichander, CEO, Tecnotree 

    Telco to Techco – Winning strategies and lessons learned

    • Key drivers for evolving from telco into techco
    • How to effectively balance short-term and long-term goals when transitioning
    • How to streamline operations and processes to enable effective collaboration with partners
    • Investment in talent and culture
    • What new opportunities has the move to techco unlocked?


      Session Moderator: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, TM Forum

      CASE STUDY: The Network as a Platform for Innovation and Growth

      Aayush Bhatnagar, SVP, Jio Platforms

      INTERVIEW: Capitalizing on enterprise demand for private mobile networks

      • What is driving the enterprise's need for private mobile networks and why CSPs are well positioned to meet that need?
      • Creating difficult-to-match private mobile offerings for enterprises
      • Why security and control are key
      • Partnering with vendors and system integrators to drive industrial-grade private mobile network deployment

      Interviewer: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, TM Forum
      Fahad Khan, Sales Director – APACVoltDB

      FIRESIDE CHAT: The need for end-to-end automation to realize the value of 5G

      • What does full end-to-end automation look like and why is it so critical for the future success of CSPs?
      • Where should CSPs start their journey to increase automation across IT and networks?
      • What are the greatest challenges as we move to automation?
      • Governance of automation – understanding how to roll out automation, how to check it and move forward
      • Empowering your business and employees by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up staff drives business value
      • Understanding how to use automation in the deployment aspect of 5G

        PANEL: Leveraging AI to accelerate the journey towards Autonomous Operations

        • How is AI transforming your approach to network management and maintenance in your organization, particularly about achieving autonomous operations?
        • What are the specific challenges associated with integrating AI into your existing network infrastructures, and how can they be overcome?
        • How has the use of AI improved efficiency or cost-effectiveness in your network operations, and what metrics do you use to measure these improvements?
        • How is AI being leveraged within your network to facilitate the transition towards fully autonomous network operations?

        Interviewer: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, TM Forum
        Abhay Savargaonkar, CTO, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia


        Session Moderator: Anilovo Datta, Associate Director - Digital Strategy, KPMG India

        CASE STUDY: How to future-proof IT for growth

        Ribhu Shadwal, VP & Head of Engineering - B2C, Airtel

        CASE STUDY: Migrating and managing your entire cloud estate to one unified single platform 

        • Improving resiliency and business continuity with hosted solutions on both public and private cloud with a unified management approach
        • Providing increased control and better support for data flow, analysis, and security from core to the edge
        • Using multi-cloud management tools, PaaS, and Containers to ensure rapid growth, innovation, and governance
        • Utilizing cloud analytics and optimization services to ensure high performance across multiple cloud environments

        Vivek Murthy, Director of Private Cloud and Secure Platforms, BT Group

        CASE STUDY: Strategies for Implementing Seamless Cloud Integrations: A platform-centric approach

        • Exploring the role of platforms in seamlessly integrating hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud architectures to enhance the efficiency of cloud migrations
        • Discussing how platforms simplify the integration of Open Digital Architecture (ODA) into Digital Business Support Systems (BSS), fostering a more streamlined and effective digital ecosystem
        • Delving into the benefits of a platform-based unified management approach, showcasing how it enables the hosting of multiple applications and improves overall efficiency in utilizing cloud infrastructure
        • Addressing the importance of ensuring interoperability with legacy platforms during migrations, emphasizing the role of platforms in mitigating challenges and ensuring a smooth transition

        Udaya Priyankara, Head of Competency Excellence - DevOps Architect, Axiata Digital Labs

        Clearing the Cloud: Demystifying cloud-native and TechCo transformation for telcos

        Anuradha Udunuwara, Senior Engineer / Enterprise Business Solutions, Sri Lanka Telecom


        Session Moderator: Shilpa Singhai, Managing Director/ Partner, CMT, Accenture

        FIRESIDE CHAT: Leveraging 5G and the Edge to monetize new enterprise services

        • 5G and edge: enabling scale, and operating at lower cost points
        • How does 5G change the model of delivering services?
        • Enabling multi-sided business models and developing an ecosystem
        • Addressing the pitfalls of entering new verticals – are telcos set up to operate across multiple verticals?
        • Finding the right partners to find the correct solutions
        • Operating 5G and edge services - what needs to change at the operating model level and across the organization?

          Interviewer: Shilpa Singhai, Managing Director/ Partner, CMT, Accenture
          Vishy Ramaswamy, Vice President, 5G & Digital Solutions, Tata Communications

          CASE STUDY: Successfully Monetizing IOT: Taking opportunities beyond connectivity

          • Harnessing 5G technology, NB-IoT, and artificial intelligence to create new solutions and experiences for enterprises
          • Establishing a thriving ecosystem of partners and start-ups to accelerate the adoption of next-generation technologies and empower digital lifestyles
          • Progress in facilitating the development of an infinite number of industrial applications to accelerate the digitization of Sri Lankan industries

          Ishari Siriwardane, General Manager, Digital Transformation Projects, Sri Lanka Telecom


          How to implement AI at scale to achieve operational excellence 

          • Driving operational excellence, customer experience, and profitability with M
          • The challenges with data literacy and data management and how to overcome them
          • Engaging different stakeholders across the organization to become data-driven
          • Overcoming the ‘trust in AI’ issue

          Unlocking new value and service streams through data and AI

          • How to use data learnings to ensure the best-quality services to customers and provide next-generation service assurance for supporting IoT services too
          • Proactively using data learnings to identify low congestion zones/locations and fill spare capacity with revenue-generating traffic from new service offers (such as video streaming, mobile TV, or smartphone apps)
          • Calling for the need to optimize data sources: Why the quality of AI is only ever as good as the data

          Driving business impact with data and AI at scale

          • Understanding the impact of AI on telco business strategy
          • Developing strategies for scaling AI across the organization to drive revenue growth and innovation
          • Working smarter with AIOps to detect and fix issues before they become outages
          • Using AI for predictive insights and decision-making, enhancing competitive advantage
          • How to leverage AI

          Aayush Bhatnagar
          Jio Platforms


          Rahul Atri
          Managing Director
          Rakuten Symphony India


          Aaron Boasman-Patel
          Vice President, AI, Labs & Innovation
          TM Forum


          Anilavo Datta
          Associate Director - Digital Strategy
          KPMG India


          George Class
          TM Forum


          Fahad Khan
          Sales Director, India
          VOLT Active Data


          Vivek Murthy
          Director of Private Cloud and Secure Platforms
          BT Group


          Udaya Priyankara
          Head of Competency Excellence – Senior DevOps Architect
          Axiata Digital Labs


          Viswanathan Ramaswamy
          Vice President - 5G and Digital Solutions
          Tata Communications


          Padma Ravichander


          Abhay Savargaonkar
          CTO, Cloud and Network Services


          Ribhu Shadwal
          VP & Head of Engineering - B2C


          Shilpa Singhai
          Managing Director/Partner, CMT


          Ishari Siriwardane
          General Manager- Digital Transformation Projects
          Sri Lanka Telecom


          Anuradha Udunuwara
          Senior Engineer / Enterprise Business Solutions
          Sri Lanka Telecom


          Neelakantan Venkataraman
          Vice President and Global Head Cloud & Edge Business
          Tata Communications


          Richard Webb
          Senior Analyst
          TM Forum


          Courtyard by Marriott Mumbai International Airport
          C.T.S No. 215 Andheri Kurla Road Andheri East
          Mumbai, 400059 India