In today's dynamic digital economy, the imperative of digital transformation is crucial for businesses to sustain competitiveness and relevance.

DTW's Asia Tour in Jakarta brings together regional companies from communications and vertical industries, fostering discussions and collaborations to explore strategies for thriving in the emerging digital ecosystem.

This event covers transitioning to techco, meeting private mobile network demands, adopting NaaS strategies, unlocking value through data and AI, and embracing a hybrid cloud model for agility. Discussions also emphasize monetizing connectivity through partnerships for future growth, providing solutions to create innovative offerings and services.

Communication service providers are encouraged to register, ensuring a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights during this one-day event.

Online registration is now closed. CSPs are welcome to register on-site on Thursday, 21 March. Registration opens at 9:30 am.

Event information

Thursday, 21 March 2024
10:30 am - 6:15 pm WIB
The Langham, Jakarta



Welcome and Introduction - Driving growth and value creation in the digital economy 

  • Identifying new opportunities that will drive value and growth
  • Deciding where to play - horizontal, end-to-end vertical, or both?
  • How to adapt and evolve organizational structures, culture, and mindset to succeed at new value creation
  • What technologies, tools, and assets are required to support new business and service models?
  • Identifying the right partners and building partner ecosystems

Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum 

Keynote Interview: Telkomsel's AI Journey: How Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of connectivity 

  • Why telcos need AI?  
  • Telkomsel's Journey to Enhancing Services with AI  
  • Vision for AI-driven future of telco 

Interviewer: Tony Kalcina, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer, Clarity
Mr. Wong Soon Nam, Board of Directors of Planning & Transformation, Telkomsel

Keynote: Telco as a platform – Winning strategies and lessons learned

  • Key drivers for evolving from telco into techco
  • How to effectively balance short-term and long-term goals when transitioning
  • How to streamline operations and processes to enable effective collaboration with partners
  • Investment in talent and culture
  • What new opportunities will the move to techco unlock?

Anthony Rodrigo, Group Chief Information Officer, Axiata

Keynote: Accelerating the strategic shift towards becoming a FibreCo by executing the delayering strategy in Indonesia  

  • What are the drivers for implementing a delayering strategy?   
  • Assessing organizational agility and strategies for facilitating scalability 
  • Maximizing efficiency and overall value while enhancing the capacity to attract relevant partners. 

Kanishka Wickrama, Director & Acting CEO, Link Net 

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm | Networking break


Track Moderator: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, Research & Media, TM Forum

Case Study: Indosat TechCo journey 

  • Building the foundation - Strengthening connectivity and coverage through MOCN Integration 
  • Acquiring vertical industry expertise - Collaboration/ partnership is key 
  • Use cases for AI-native techco 

Desmond Cheung, Director and Chief Technology Officer, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison 

Interview: Future-proofing strategies: Managing the intersection of technology and business growth

  • Embracing technologies like edge computing & developing adaptive architectures with cloud-native solutions to meet increasing demands of consumer and enterprise business needs
  • Leveraging data analytics and AI to identify new opportunities for monetization
  • Utilizing customer feedback and data analytics to continuously improve service quality
  • Collaborating with industry partners and startups to stay at the forefront of technological advancements
  • Developing a roadmap for the integration of emerging technologies in the long term
  • Ensuring agility and adaptability in the face of evolving market dynamics

Interviewer: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, Research & Media, TM Forum
Shurish Subbramaniam, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Smartfren Telecom

Unlocking Seamless Connectivity: Harnessing the Power of the Enterprise Private Network

  • What drives the enterprise's need for private mobile networks and why are CSPs well-positioned to meet that need?
  • Creating difficult-to-match private mobile offerings for enterprises
  • Why security and control are key
  • Partnering with vendors and system integrators to drive industrial-grade private mobile network deployment

Yessie Yosetya, Director & Chief Enterprise Business & Corporate Affairs Officer, PT XL Axiata 

PANEL: Transforming network capabilities into growth and innovation opportunities

  • How to adapt and upgrade network capabilities to stay at the forefront of technological advancements
  • How can the incorporation of emerging technologies be utilized to foster innovation within the network infrastructure?
  • How can enhanced network capabilities be used for growth and new opportunities?

Panel Moderator: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, Research & Media, TM Forum
Shurish Subbramaniam, Chief Technology & Information Officer, Smartfren Telecom
David (Fazhong) Deng, CTO and Co-Founder, OSSera 
Edward Sanusi, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product, Link Net 

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Networking break


Track Moderator: Tony Kalcina, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer, Clarity 

Presentation: Unlocking revenue through the enterprise business

  • Exploring how 4G and 5G can enable new business models and opportunities for enterprises across different sectors 
  • Discuss the challenges and requirements for deploying 4G/5G in enterprise environments, such as security, scalability, and harsh environments 
  • Showcasing examples of use cases implemented in Indonesia, leveraging 4G/5G to enhance productivity and efficiency 

Hari Kumar, Chief Technology Officer – Enterprise Business, Smartfren Telecom

Case Study: The power of strategic partnerships 

  • Explore the power of strategic partnerships in enabling world-class seamless CX within the telco industry 
  • Learn how IOH is driving continuous transformation towards customer-centric services, powered by strategic partners, to meet evolving customer demands 
  • Gain insights into how strategic partnerships are driving customer engagement and revenue growth within the telco industry 

Ritesh Singh, Director, and Chief Commercial Officer, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison 

Case study: Navigating the telco as a platform strategy

  • Addressing the challenges of the traditional model, and how to build a diverse ecosystem of partners and developers to develop new revenue streams
  • Unlocking market opportunities with ODA and open API alignment, to enable rapid service development, B2C and B2B expansion, infra/cost optimization
  • Case studies on leveraging innovative products and new business models across industries and ecosystems.
  • Looking into 2025 and beyond - Identifying new features and functionalities to enhance personalization, automation, and growth further

Namal Jayathilake, CTO, Axiata Digital Labs, Sri Lanka 

Presentation: Developing a winning telco to techco strategy through NaaS

  • Tackling the telco to techno transition with ready NaaS services
  • Using standardized APIs for BSS/OSS automation within the ecosystem partners
  • Use-cases sharing on how Console Connect is delivering on-demand connectivity services
  • Extending these services beyond data centers into enterprise buildings, IoT and Edge Compute

Divesh Gupta, VP – New Technology and Sales Operations, PCCW Global 

PANEL: Monetizing emerging technologies – How to capture new value in a competitive landscape

  • Developing a clear strategy to drive growth beyond connectivity
  • Which new services have the greatest potential for maximizing revenue growth and competitive advantage?
  • Overcoming the challenges of launching new 5G and MEC-enabled offerings to speed the route to profitability
  • Crafting a hyper-converged cloud infrastructure for the modern enterprise

Panel Moderator: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, Research & Media, TM Forum
Hari Kumar, Chief Technology Officer – Enterprise Business, Smartfren Telecom
Namal Jayathilake, CTO, Axiata Digital Labs, Sri Lanka 
Letchu Narayanan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, CSG
Paweł Workiewicz, Head of Business Development Division in APAC & MEA, Comarch

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm | Networking break


Track Moderator: Tony Kalcina, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer, Clarity 

Fireside Chat: Enhancing personalization and understanding customers better

  • Benefits of using AI-supported decision-making to orchestrate customer journeys
  • Evaluating data from customer journey analytics and CRM systems in real-time and using it to react directly to users’ behavior
  • How to predict customers’ next steps proactively, understand which channels they intend to use, and be prepared for this with relevant content, offerings, and measures
  • Advocating an integrated ecosystem of AI solutions driven by an end-to-end automation backbone connecting a multitude of company systems (e.g., supply chain, IT, finance)

Moderator: Richard Webb, Senior Analyst, Research & Media, TM Forum
Suddhasatwa Sengupta, Director - Solution Consulting APAC, Tecnotree
Dinara Wagawatte, General Manager, CX Transformation, Compliance, and Governance, Dialog Axiata

PANEL: How to implement AI at scale to achieve operational excellence 

  • Driving operational excellence, customer experience, and profitability with AI
  • The challenges with data literacy and data management and how to overcome them
  • Engaging different stakeholders across the organization to become data-driven
  • Overcoming the ‘trust in AI’ issue

Panel Moderator: Tony Kalcina, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer, Clarity
Sami Luukkonen, Managing Partner, Telco+, Singtel NCS 
Aveekshith Bushan, Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan, Aerospike
Ari Sondang Sibarani, General Manager of Network Quality Digitalization, Telkomsel
Arvinder Khanna, Business Applications Pre-Sales leader, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia


Track Moderator: Tony Kalcina, Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer, Clarity 

Presentation: Unleashing the power of Cloud scalability

  • How to evolve from a hybrid, multi-cloud approach towards increasingly cloud-native operations and what should be prioritized
  • Encouraging agility, new service creation, and scalability
  • Ensuring interoperability with legacy network functions where hybrid operations remain

Ariadi Nugroho, Group Head of Enterprise Planning & Architecture, XL Axiata 

Case study: Adopting a hybrid cloud model to ease the transition to cloud-native

  • Understanding the benefits telecommunication providers stand to gain from this medium - Why do we need the cloud?
  • Engagement model and adoption approach - What are the key items to consider?
  • Managing expectations - Operations, functional, business, privacy and compliance
  • Addressing scope creep, compliance, and regulations
  • Governing and showing results - End-to-end accountability and communications
  • Future-proofing the journey - How does this fit into business strategy?

Baljit Singh Dhillon, Head of Strategy, Planning and Governance, Digital Nasional Berhad 

Presentation: Culture, mindset, and skills - Building a strong foundation for their cloud-native future

  • Fostering a culture of innovation, experimentation, and continuous learning by encouraging employees to take risks and think outside the box
  • Attracting and retaining talent with the right skills and mindset
  • How to (re-)train, motivate, augment cloud native skillsets, and enhance IT teams’ and individuals’ skills
  • Providing the tools and agile methodologies to enable teams to work efficiently and effectively in a cloud-native environment

Aruna Herath, General Manager- Data Center and Cloud Services, Sri Lanka Telecom

Closing remarks



Aveekshith Bushan
Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan


Desmond Cheung
Director and Chief Technology Officer
Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison


David (Fazhong) Deng
CTO and Co-Founder


Baljit Singh Dhillon
Head of Strategy, Planning and Governance
Digital Nasional Berhad


Divesh Gupta
VP, New Technology & Sales Operations
PCCW Global


Mr. Wong Soon Nam
Board of Directors of Planning & Transformation


Aruna Herath
General Manager - Data Center & Cloud Services
Sri Lanka Telecom


Namal Jayathilake
Axiata Digital Labs, Sri Lanka


Tony Kalcina
Co-Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer


Arvinder Khanna
Business Applications Pre-Sales leader, Cloud and Network Services 


Hari Kumar
Chief Technology Officer – Enterprise Business
Smartfren Telecom


Sami Luukkonen
Managing Partner, Telco+
Singtel NCS


Letchu Narayanan
Managing Director, Asia Pacific


Ariadi Nugroho
Group Head of Enterprise Planning & Architecture
XL Axiata


Anthony Rodrigo
Group Chief Information Officer
Axiata Group


Edward Sanusi
Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product
Link Net


Suddhasatwa Sengupta
Director - Solution Consulting APAC



Ari Sondang Sibarani
General Manager of Network Digitalization


Ritesh Singh
Director and Chief Commercial Officer
Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison


Shurish Subbramaniam
Chief Technology and Information Officer
Smartfren Telecom


Dinara Wagawatte
General Manager, CX Transformation, Compliance, and Governance
Dialog Axiata


Richard Webb
Senior Analyst, Research & Media
TM Forum


Kanishka Wickrama
Director & Acting CEO
PT Link Net TBK  


Nik Willetts
TM Forum


Paweł Workiewicz
Head of Business Development Division in APAC & MEA


Yessie Yosetya
Director & Chief Enterprise Business & Corporate Affairs Officer
PT XL Axiata


The Langham, Jakarta
District 8, SCBD, Lot 28, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia