5G Connected Everything: Redefining Connectivity and Industry Transformation
Contributed by: Tecnotree

By: Prianca Ravichander, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP – Moments, Tecnotree

5G has the potential to completely change industries, businesses, and communities. But with so many factors at play, it can be challenging to determine which solutions are most likely to add value. Entire markets will be transformed in the coming years by edge computing, improved networking capabilities, and IoT provided by 5G.

Strong capital spending on 5G infrastructure and the competition between hyperscalers and service providers, as well as the emergence of non-traditional players in 5G and edge computing, indicate that the technology of fifth-generation mobile networks is nearing a significant turning point. 5G is said to have a significant impact on the world economy over the next decade, with widespread adoption and transformation of many sectors, thanks to 5G and edge computing.

How 5G is Fuelling Innovation Across Industries

What makes 5G special is that it is a powerful technology, which can support extremely high speeds, more data volumes, more connected devices, real-time response, and precise location sensing. However, the capacity of 5G to drive automation, analytics, AI, virtualization, and other cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to completely revolutionise industries and enterprises, is what really changes the game. In short, 5G connects everything, consistently and instantly.

5G's high bandwidth, low latency, and high connection density can allow almost endless use cases across critical industries. A stronger connection between the digital and physical domains is the connecting theme. Following the sectors and use cases that 5G can assist - AR, robotics, smart factories, precision monitoring and control, and enhanced predictive maintenance; public administration and services: smart ports, interactive public transportation, smart cities, and real-time supply chain monitoring; retail: personalized in-store pricing and promotions, logistics, and optimised store delivery; logistics: smart warehouse, asset monitoring, autonomous mobile robots, augmented reality; health care: remote patient monitoring, virtual consultations, remote diagnosis, robotic surgery; and financial services: fraud detection, secure transactions, smart contracts, enterprise teamwork/collaboration, training.

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Unlocking B2B2X Potential

The next step in delivering an exceptional customer experience for CSPs, while remaining relevant is to partner with enterprise customers is to take advantage of the B2B2X potential. Joint workflows with enterprises can be implemented to improve operational efficiency, and ultimately deliver an excellent customer experience.

In order to unlock new possibilities for the 5G Connected Enterprise ecosystems, CSPs must enable long-term, medium-term, and short-term strategies that centre on the decision of whether to build, buy, or partner for extending B2B services. CSPs will need to take a mixed approach to digital transformation in order to maintain a leading position, as innovation blurs sectoral boundaries and disrupts established business models. This approach should focus on developing internal capabilities and reducing costs, as well as forming strategic alliances with vendors and niche partner ecosystems to gain access to essential external capabilities and reduce the time it takes to launch new services.

Communications service providers (CSPs) are aiming to innovate and transform their digital operations, in order to position themselves for the digital partner economy and achieve monetization across a wide range of industries. To remain competitive in the enterprise market, DSPs must work with ecosystem partners to provide vertical solutions that cater to their B2B2X and B2C customers. This will enable them to become digital ecosystem providers (DEPs) and move up the value chain.

5G is a gamechanger and presents an enormous potential for CSPs to improve the overall customer experience & transform enterprise opportunities. Tecnotree empowers telco partners and CSPs to monetize and deliver new digital offerings with the help of futuristic products which enable CSPs to transform their customer experience by providing outstanding 5G experiences in the B2B marketplace. There is immense opportunity for CSPs to provide value and innovative services for better customer service and to scale up operations, and Tecnotree products and solutions help CSPs with ecosystem orchestration keeping in mind the changing technological expectations.

Tecnotree also provides , B2B2X multi-experience marketplace for API and Product Monetisation to its subscriber base through the Tecnotree Moments platform to empower various sectors across gaming, health, education, OTT, and other vertical ecosystems.

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        About the Author:

        Prianca Ravichander, Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the Global Go-To-Market Strategy for Tecnotree’s portfolio, Manages Branding and Design for the company and is the SPOC for analyst relations, investor relations, public relations and corporate communications. As SVP of B2B2X Monetisation, she leads the Tecnotree Moments Platform for partner ecosystem monetization with the aim of transforming CSPs from enablers to orchestrators of digital services across healthcare, gaming, sports, education, IoT and more.

        Previously, Prianca was instrumental in growing convergent ecosystems for high-tech/deep-tech startups, smart cities and electronics system design manufacturing industries and over the last 10 years has worked with Meity (Govt of India), Ernst & Young, Startup Karnataka (Ministry for IT and Biotech), Tfiber (Ministry for Telecommunications), and KUIDFC (Ministry for Smart Cities). She has helped increase access for digital and public services through various initiatives. Her background includes working with public, private and PPP initiatives and she holds an MSc in Geo-statistical Econometric Analysis from Erasmus University.