The rapid expansion of the digital economy has placed digital transformation at the forefront of business strategies seeking to maintain a competitive edge. DTW's Asia Tour in Japan brings together regional companies from the communications and vertical industries to foster discussions, collaborations, and the exploration of strategies for flourishing within the emerging digital ecosystem.

From both technological and business perspectives, a series of presentations, in-depth case studies, and thought-provoking panel discussions will provide insights from leading experts on how digital service providers can reimagine their business models and diversify their offerings to adapt to the changing demands of customers and ignite new growth avenues.

Event information:

Tuesday, 30 January 2024
8:00 am - 6:00 pm JST
Hilton Tokyo Odaiba


08:00 - 09:00: Registration and refreshments

09:00 - 09:40: Opening Keynotes: Reigniting growth for the 5G era 

Welcome and Introduction: Unlocking growth for the new digital economic playing field  

  • Examining the market and what it takes to shape the future of telecoms 
  • ODA: Driving digital transformation for over 25 years  
  • Driving real-world value to CSPs across the globe  
  • Autonomous networks – Why now?  
  • The future of intelligent autonomous networks 

George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 

Keynote Panel: Reimagining telcos: Unlocking new revenue opportunities with AI-driven digital transformation 

  • The critical role of AI in IT transformations 
  • How transforming into a techco opens up new areas for monetization  
  • Challenges and obstacles to a successful transformation and how to overcome them 

Panel Moderator – Ari Banerjee, SVP Strategy, Netcracker 

Motoo Nishihara, Corporate EVP & CTO, NEC 
Ken Komazawa, VP of IT Strategy Office, NTT Holdings 
Bob Titus, CTO, Netcracker  


Session Moderator: Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation 

Case Study: Exploring the promise and challenges of implementing Open RAN 

  • What are the potential benefits of Open RAN regarding flexibility, innovation, and cost savings? 
  • How can Open RAN be implemented in existing networks while maintaining reliability and performance? 
  • What are some key challenges around integration, security, scale, and managing multi-vendor networks? 
  • How should operators think about developing an Open RAN adoption strategy that balances opportunities and risks? 

Sadayuki Abeta, VP, Global Head of Open RAN, OREX Evangelist, NTT Docomo   

Panel: Unlock new opportunities with end-to-end network slicing over 5G

  • What is the potential of 5G SA network slicing for business model innovation and new use cases? 
  • What are the complexities of orchestrating large numbers of 5G network slices across multi-generation, multi-vendor, and multi-configuration networks?  
  • Meeting needs of enterprise customers for global connectivity with guaranteed QoS for latency-critical applications 
  • Which vertical industries benefit most from network slicing? 
  • Using network slicing to optimize network capacity and resource allocation 

Panel Moderator: Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation
Anass Benjebbour, Director of 5G IoT Services, NTT Communications  
Daisuke Furukawa, Senior Director, Unified Platform Strategy Division, SoftBank Corp. 
Katsunori Suzuki, Pre-sales Leader, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia
Tom Fisher, General Manager APAC, MATRIXX Software

Case Study: Streamlining roaming service maintenance with zero-touch operations 

  • Understanding international roaming service operations and challenges 
  • Unveiling the scope of "zero-touch operations" as a business solution 
  • Examining how the platform's capabilities seamlessly address and overcome operational bottlenecks 
  • Discuss initiatives aimed at scaling operations, improving services, and staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of international roaming 

Atsushi Kajino, Assistant Manager, International Services, Network Division Network Service Operations DepartmentNTT Docomo 
Yasunori Matsuda, Head of Telecom, Media and Technology, Japan, ServiceNow Japan G.K.  

Presentation: Shaping the vision of 6G  

  • The 6G requirements and design considerations 
  • 6G standards and ecosystems to achieve affordable deployments 
  • The business case for 6G - Which new sources of revenue hold the most promise? 
  • Taking immersive technologies to the next level with 6G 
  • How will 6G enhance 5G and build on its foundation? 

Yoshioki Chika, Advisor, Softbank

11:00 - 11:30: Networking


Session Moderator: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 

Interview: AI computing foundation and network infrastructure 

  • The power of Hyper-converged Cloud Infrastructure (HCI)  
  • Differences between HCI and a traditional hybrid cloud 
  • AI workload on HCl 
  • SoftBank's largest AI data center  

Interviewer: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum  
Ashiq Khan, Vice President, Head of Unified Cloud & Platform Division, SoftBank Corp. 

Presentation: NTT’s digital transformation

  • Leveraging a centralized management platform to gain visibility and increase efficiency to share and utilize data for executive decision-making   
  • Using APIs and data models to enable interoperability between different cloud environments, reducing complexity and enabling more efficient integration  
  • Developing a unified approach to cloud infrastructure management across teams and departments  

Ken Komazawa, VP of IT Strategy Office, NTT Holdings 

Perspectives on: Seamlessly navigate cloud migration & modernization at scale 

  • How to implement a seamless cloud migration and modernization strategy at scale 
  • How to unleash data monetization through cloud capabilities 
  • Enabling increased control and enhanced capabilities for data flow, analysis, and zero-touch multilayered security  
  • Empower advanced analytics through AI/ML 
  • Bridging the gap between next-gen and legacy systems to enable seamless integration during the migration process  


Panel Moderator: Yuko Yoshimura, Customer Engagement Manager, Amdocs Japan
MadanMohan Jana, Software Architect | Cloud Consultant, Amdocs Japan
Tatsuya Inoue, Engineer, Corporate Quality Section, Corporate Strategy Planning Department, NTT Comware
Toru Sakashita, Engineer, Corporate Quality Section, Corporate Strategy Planning Department, NTT Comware

Fireside Chat

Interviewer: Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation
Sachin Verma, Vice General Manager, Cloud Platform, Rakuten Mobile
Vikas Dabas, Senior Product Manager, CSG

Presentation: Operationalizing the Edge to bring the network closer to the customer 

  • How will CSPs build their Edge platform and to what extent should it share infrastructure with the network? 
  • Designing the Edge Cloud Reference Architecture to deploy an open and vendor-agnostic Edge cloud   
  • Understanding the bandwidth, latency, and connectivity requirements needed to provision the required transmission/fibre, power, and related resources at the Edge 
  • Why edge architecture needs to feature hybrid multi-cloud service delivery and cognitive closed-loop automation  

Dr. Tomohiro Otani, General Manager, Technical Strategy Division, KDDI Corporation

12:55- 2:15: Lunch


Session Moderator: Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation 

Interview: Driving growth through innovative, customer-focused, digital brands  

  • How can CSPs successfully create new digital brands targeting specific demographics? 
  • What is the best way to leverage partner ecosystems to expand the customer proposition? 
  • How can CSPs increase their NPS by empowering customers with full transparent control over their service consumption? 
  • What key opportunities for accelerated growth are being enabled by 5G network adoption? 

Sunil Prasad, Regional Vice President, Oracle Communications
Seshan Pattamadai Krishnamurti, Vice President Sales, Africa Region, Covalensedigital 

Case Study: 5G monetization journey for enterprise business

  • Bundling superior connectivity, security, network , and IT services as well as hosted platforms to create new offerings for enterprise customers  
  • Developing and deploying service offerings that contain connectivity and non-connectivity elements  
  • What are the opportunities for CSPs to enrich connectivity by delivering new software-defined capabilities that allow customers to decide what sort of connectivity they want and where? 

Zaif Siddiqi, Executive Director, Head of 5G & IoT Global Services, NTT Communications  

Panel: Monetizing emerging technologies – How to capture new value in a competitive landscape 

  • Developing a clear strategy to drive growth beyond connectivity 
  • Which new services have the greatest potential for maximizing revenue growth and competitive advantage? 
  • Overcoming the challenges of launching new 5G and MEC-enabled offerings to speed the route to profitability   
  • Crafting a hyper-converged cloud infrastructure for the modern enterprise 

Panel moderator: George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 
Ryuichi Matsuo, Executive Officer, Platform Services Department Network & Cloud Division, NTT Comware  
Shailesh Gupta, Division Manager Network Operations, Rakuten Mobile  
Łukasz Zezulak, Country Manager, Comarch Japan
David Scalley, CTO, APJ, Network Services Division, TechMahindra

3:45 – 4:00: Networking


Session Moderator: Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation 

Keynote: Next-generation social infrastructure for AI and data utilization 

  • Use cases of Softbank's Generative AI
  • Construction of a large-scale AI computing platform
  • Development of the domestic LLM
  • Importance of the next-generation social infrastructure

Keiichi Makizono, Executive Vice President & CIO, SoftBank Corp. 

Interview: How to capitalize on Generative AI  

  • Why we should move towards Generative AI to revolutionize the way CSPs can communicate   
  • How Generative AI enables a more innovative way to monitor network performance and incident management  
  • Leveraging AI and NLP to create a more personalized, engaging and efficient interaction with customers  
  • Using Generative AI for fraud detection – Analyzing data and identifying patterns and anomalies that may indicate suspicious activity   

Interviewer: Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation  
Puneet Handa, Division Manager, Product & Strategy, Rakuten Mobile

Presentation: How AIOps can support network operations  

  • How AIOps can help in network operations and pave the way to autonomous networks 
  • What problem is AIOps trying to solve? 
  • Going beyond rule-based intelligence to unlock the full potential of autonomous networks 
  • What can we learn from a real-life implementation? Challenges and lessons learned 
  • How to quantify and measure the business benefit of AIOps and autonomous networks 

Tatsuji Miyamoto, Core Researcher, KDDI Research, Inc.  

Fireside Chat: Driving business impact with data and AI at scale   

  • The impact of AI on Telco business strategy 
  • Working smarter with AIOps to detect and fix issues before they become outages  
  • How to leverage AI To build new innovative services while scaling to meet increased customer demand 
  • How can AI help manage sustainability commitments? 

Derrick Buckley, Managing Director – Telecoms & Media Asia, Industry & Partner Sales, Microsoft  
Toru Maruta, Executive Officer, Technology Strategy & Planning Division, KDDI Corporation
Tatsuji Miyam
oto, Core Researcher, KDDI Research, Inc. 

5:25 – 5:30: Closing remarks

George Glass, CTO, TM Forum 
Marc Einstein, Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services, ITR Corporation 



Sadayuki Abeta
VP, Global Head of Open RAN, OREX Evangelist


Ari Banerjee
SVP Strategy
Netcracker Technology


Dr. Anass Benjebbour
Director of 5G IoT Services
NTT Communications


Derrick Buckley
Managing Director – Telecoms & Media Asia


Yoshioki Chika


Vikas Dabas
Product Manager


Marc Einstein
Chief Analyst, Telecommunications & Digital Services
ITR Corporation


Tom Fisher
General Manager APAC
MATRIXX Software


Daisuke Furukawa
Senior Director, Unified Platform Strategy Division
SoftBank Corp.


George Glass
TM Forum


Shailesh Gupta
Division Manager Network Operations
Rakuten Mobile


Puneet Handa
Division Manager, Product & Strategy
Rakuten Mobile


Tatsuya Inoue
Corporate Quality Section, Corporate Strategy Planning Department, NTT Comware 
NTT Comware


MadanMohan Jana
Software Architect

Amdocs APAC


Atsushi Kajino
Assistant Manager, International Services, Network Division Network Service Operations Department,


Ashiq Khan
Vice President, Head of Unified Cloud & Platform Division
SoftBank Corp.


Ken Komazawa
VP of IT Strategy Office
NTT Holdings


Seshan Pattamadai Krishnamurti
Vice President Sales, Africa Region


Keiichi Makizono
Executive Vice President & CIO
SoftBank Corp.


Toru Maruta
Executive Officer, Technology Strategy & Planning Division
KDDI Research, Inc.


Yasunori Matsuda
Head of Telecom, Media and Technology, Japan
ServiceNow Japan G.K.


Ryuichi Matsuo
Executive Officer, Platform Services Department Network & Cloud Division
NTT Comware


Tatsuji Miyamoto
Core Researcher
KDDI Research


Motoo Nishihara
Corporate EVP & CTO


Dr. Tomohiro Otani
General Manager, Technical Strategy Division
KDDI Corporation


Sunil Prasad
Regional Vice President
Oracle Communications


Toru Sakashita
Engineer, Corporate Quality Section, Corporate Strategy Planning Department
NTT Comware


David Scalley
CTO, APJ, Network Services Division


Zaif Siddiqi
Executive Director, Head of 5G&IoT Global Services
NTT Communications


Katsunori Suzuki
Pre-sales Leader, Cloud and Network Services


Bob Titus
Netcracker Technology


Sachin Verma
Vice General Manager, Cloud Platform
Rakuten Mobile


Yuko Yoshimura
Software Architect | Cloud Consultant
Amdocs Japan


Łukasz Zezulak
Country Manager
Comarch Japan


Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
1  Chome-9-1 Daiba, Minato City, Tokyo 135-8625, Japan