Digital Leadership Summit: From CSP to SSP: Journey to the cloud to become a superhero service provider

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With the constantly emerging challenges from ‘villains’ out there, you need superhero capabilities for your BSS to win your customers’ hearts and stay ahead of the market.

Whether you’re about to roll out your 5G network, waiting for an urgent functional requirement to launch, dealing with mounting internal pressure to improve operations and lower costs, or facing competition from an OTT—Cloud-native BSS on the public cloud gives you superhero powers to overcome these challenges.

Join our Virtual Leadership Summit to discover how cloud-native applications on the public cloud empower you with new capabilities to elevate your BSS, help you take new products and services to market faster, and enable you to deliver a superior digital customer experience.

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Facilitator: Ian Turkington – VP, Architecture and API at TM Forum
Shay Assaraf – CMO, Optiva
Keren Halpern – Head of Product Marketing, Optiva

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