Digital Leadership Roundtable: The path to becoming cloud native

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Becoming a cloud native telco is not easy. The journey requires more than IT and technology and includes changes in everything from culture to best practices to business models, and there is not a one-size-fit all approach when it comes to moving from monolithic architectures to agile methodologies and infrastructures. During this roundtable, leaders from across the industry will explain the benefits of going cloud native, including cost optimization, improved customer experience, increased speed and flexibility, reduced risk and more. They will also address challenges such as coping with legacy IT, breaking ddown silos, and maintaining control and security.  

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16:00 – 16:15 CET 

The need for speed: Business transformation requires cloud native principles

  • Understanding the opportunities of 5G and why it requires operating model transformation  
  • Increasing speed, flexibility and reducing deployment risks, moving towards a modular, data and API driven architecture  
  • Enabling digital partners with zero-touch partnering and interoperability   
  • Embracing the opportunities of going cloud native: from cost optimization to delivering a superior digital customer experience  

Aaron Boasman-Patel, VP, AI & Customer ExperienceTM Forum  

16:15 – 16:35 CET 

Soar through the clouds: Getting your cloud native approach right

  • Why your journey is more than just IT and technology: evolving DevOps culture and best practices to ensure success  
  • Evolving to a more modular architecture: microservices, miniservices or monolith first? What is the best approach to take to your transformation?  
  • Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: Speeding up your existing monoliths by using APIs and refactoring into microservices  
  • Moving application workloads between cloud environments with the help of APIs and containers 
  • Automate it to accelerate it: understanding the value of automation to accelerate the delivery of cloud-native applications  

Azhar Sayeed, Chief Architect, Service Provider, RedHat  

16:35 – 16:55 CET 

Case Study: Moving from monolithic architectures and waterfall methodologies to agile infrastructures and continuous development

  • Addressing the challenges of legacy: too slow, too big, too expensive  
  • Understanding the business opportunities of becoming cloud-native: Speed and scalability  
  • From silos to tribes and guilds, why collaboration across the business is key for success 
  • Leveraging Open APIs to lower costs and increase agility   
  • More Darwinism than Big Bang theory: evolving existing systems rather than rip and replace  

Lester Thomas, Chief IT Systems Architect, Vodafone Group   

 16:55 – 17:30 CET  

Panel discussion: Building the next generation telco: Fast, Agile and customer centric

  • What does being cloud native really mean and what are the benefits?  
  • Is there really a one-size fits all approach to transformation and can telcos really become cloud native?  
  • Removing manual processes: how important is automation on my journey to becoming cloud native? 
  • DevOps requires a different approach to release management, rolling, blue/green or canary? Is a different approach for different scenarios needed?  
  • How can going cloud-native help build a better customer-centric business and improve my customer experience?  
  • Fear of losing control: does automation and Cloud mean services become less secure?  

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